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  • Granite


    There are many different characteristics of granite that makes it ideal for pathway, cladding, a kitchen countertop, bathroom vanity tops, etc. There are various properties of granite, like: Durability, Scratch-resistant, Heat resistant,
    Porosity, etc.


  • limestone

    Limestone consists primarily of calcium carbonate, but it may also contain variable amounts of impurities such as clay, silt, and organic material. The presence of impurities can affect its color and texture.

  • Marble

    Marble is beautiful – no one can dispute that. Its characteristics from patterns to colors, are what make the stone special.

  • Travertine

    Travertine can be used indoors and outdoors. Its natural beauty is found in its earthy tones and textures. Ranging from warm beiges to rich browns and the creamiest of creams,It canbe used for flooring, kitchen accents, or bathroom walls, travertine can accommodate rustic and contemporary styles.

    Pros of Travertine

    Durability: When it comes to durability, travertine stands out. that can withstand heavy foot traffic
    resistance to scratches and cracks,

    Heat Resistance: Travertine boasts excellent heat resistance.travertine can handle intense heat without losing its beauty.

    Cons of Travertine

    Porous: This means it absorbs liquids and stains. Proper sealing and regular care are essential to protect it from unexpected damage.

    Vulnerability to Acids: Travertine is sensitive to acidic substances, such as citrus juices, vinegar, and cleaning products.